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Green Tea Preparation

There are three methods for you to obtain the Camellia sinensis treatment: infusion, combined infusion and powder:

Infusion of green tea. Though it’s the most known practice to obtain the tea, the infusion is less used in therapeutic system, because the higher the quality of the tea, the lower the water temperature. To obtain 250 ml of tea, steep 1-2 tea bags in hot water and let it there 7-8 minutes, for a light perfume and good taste and, for concentrated green tea, 15-25 minutes. Preferably, the mug should be warmed beforehand so that the tea does not immediately cool down. The specialists advice you to consume more than 5 mugs of green tea/ day.

Combined infusion. You’ll obtain it following the next procedure. Put one teaspoon in a mug of water (200 ml) and let it to macerate at moderate temperature since evening till morning, when filter it. The acquired juice is put apart and the green extract is scaled with another 250 ml of hot water then let it infuse for 20 minutes and finally filter. The both juices are combined, obtaining approximate 500 ml of green tea combined infusion. It is a better way to prepare the green tea and with more intensive therapeutic effects.
green tea powder

Green Tea powder. It’s especially recommended to those persons who are not allowed to drink liquids and it’s obtained by grinding the leaves of Camellia sinensis.

Advices for you to get well:

Drink at least one mug of green tea every day for health, good energy and longevity.
Drink 4-5 mugs of hot tea /day if you want to loose weight, because the green tea has antiadipose and diuretic effects. This treatment is used to come down the cholesterol level.
For curing the cancer, take one green tea powder spoon twice in a day, for 90 days, then take a 2 weeks break and repeat the treatment.
If you have a migraine sufferance, drink a cup of concentrated green tea made by infusion adding the juice from the half of a lemon.
The green tea combined with the black tea is good for the diabetes treatment. We recommend you to take a spoon of green and black tea powder three times in a day, for minimum three months.
Rinse your mouth with green tea to prevent the dental caries.
Make yourselves a natural lukewarm mask with green tea and 2 spoon of honey and lemon juice.
Don’t consume green tea after 5 pm, because it may produce sleeplessness.
Tips for Preparing

Green tea should be handled tenderly, just as you would fresh green leafy vegetables.

Spring water is the ideal choice for brewing tea, followed by filtered water. Distilled water should never be used; the brew it produces will be flat since the minerals removed from it are essential to bringing out tea’s flavor.

To prepare the best loose tea, we recommend using a small food scale. Use three grams of tea to five ounces of water if brewing tea in a small teapot; four grams of tea to eight ounces of water for other methods.

As the size and shape of tea pots and cups varies considerably, it’s a good idea to fill a measuring cup with 8 ounces of water and pour it into your tea pot or cup to determine how much water it really holds.

In making loose tea, remember that a teaspoon of small, dense leaves will weigh substantially more than a teaspoon of larger leaves, and the resulting tea will reflect this. A teaspoon of small dense leaves may be sufficient to produce a satisfying strong cup, while several teaspoons of larger leaves would be needed for a comparable brew.

Although heartily boiling water is used to brew black and oolong teas, green tea needs much lower temperatures (160-170 degrees F; 79-85 degrees C) and should be brewed for less time.

Let the water barely reach the boiling point to liberate its oxygen, then allow it to cool slightly before pouring over your tea. Until you are familiar with your tea kettle and the time it takes and sounds it makes when the correct temperature (170-185 degrees) has been reached, it’s a good idea to check using a simple, inexpensive candy thermometer, available at any grocery store.

Brewing for 30 seconds to one minute is usually ideal; however, Chinese Dragonwell teas are often best after 6-7 minutes of infusion.

Although good quality tea leaves will sink to the bottom after they have infused, it’s a good idea to pour the tea over a small strainer if one is not built in to your teapot.


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